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    Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents ( WP:ANI ) Used for matters needing attention from passing administrators. Over five years since administrative tools were last used. Given the lengthy procedures required to remove administrative access, which often include attempts to resolve the dispute prior to arbitration, the community carefully scrutinizes requests for adminship. Although there are exceptions to the prohibition on involved editors taking administrative action, it is still the best practice, in cases where an administrator may be seen to be involved, to pass the matter to another administrator via the relevant noticeboards. At their discretion, bureaucrats may decline to restore adminship if they are not satisfied that the account is controlled by the same person who used it previously. Procedural removal for inactive administrators Further information: Wikipedia:Inactive administrators Administrators who have made neither edits nor administrative actions for at least 12 months may be desysopped. Lists of sanctions that are to be enforced by neutral administrators can be found at Wikipedia:General sanctions and Wikipedia:Arbitration/Active sanctions (see also requests for enforcement at ).

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    Committee Rarely, in blocking an editor, an administrator will have to note. If a user believes they have been blocked improperly, they may appeal the block using the procedures outlined here. This is because one of the roles of administrators is precisely to deal with such matters, at length if necessary. As Wikipedia's worldwide cultural impact and visibility grew, and as the community grew with it, the role of administrators evolved and standards for adminship rose. Anyone can perform most maintenance and administration tasks on Wikipedia without the specific technical functions granted to administrators.

    One possible approach is to use Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents to request feedback from the annonce transexuelle tessin community however, complainants should be aware that the behavior of the filer is often also reviewed (see WP:boomerang ). Sanctions for wheel warring have varied from reprimands and cautions, to temporary blocks, to desysopping, even for first-time incidents. Administrators should not be confused with. (See also: of decisions.) Checkuser blocks: Blocks designated as "Checkuser blocks" (that is blocks relying on confidential checkuser findings) may not be reversed by administrators who do not have access to the checkuser permission. Unauthorized use is considered 'controversial circumstance and access will not be automatically restored. If you are seen super rencontre forum sites de rencontre totalement gratuit to conduct yourself well, usually the matter will blow over soon, however bad it may seem.

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    The admin must be contacted on their user talk page and via e-mail (if possible) one month before the request for desysopping and again several days before the desysopping goes into effect. The summary in the user rights log should make it clear that the desysopping is purely procedural. 10 Former administrators may re-request adminship subsequent to voluntary removal or removal due to inactivity. There will be at least a 24-hour wait to ascertain whether any disqualifying provisions apply. Interface administrators can edit JavaScript and CSS pages in the MediaWiki namespace.

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    The English Wikipedia has 1,177 administrators (see full list of accounts with administrator privileges or lists of administrators by activity level ). Reinstating an admin action that has already been reversed (sometimes known as " wheel warring Responses have included Arbitration and desysopping even the first time. 5 Jimmy Wales directly appointed the first administrators in February 2002. Also disallowed are multi-part questions which are framed as one question, but which in effect ask multiple questions and exceed the limit. Administrators acting in this role are neutral ; they do not have any direct involvement in the issues they are helping people with. Jimmy Wales, 2003 wikimedia. Rather, administrators should be a part of the community like other editors. In straightforward cases (e.g., blatant vandalism the community has historically endorsed the obvious action of any administrator  even if involved  on the basis that any reasonable administrator would have probably come to the same conclusion. This could include situations where discussion would reveal or emphasize information whose disclosure could jeopardize an editor's physical or mental well-being, where on-wiki discussion would identify an anonymous editor, or where the underlying block reason would be defamatory if the block were unjustified.

    super rencontre forum sites de rencontre totalement gratuit